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Global temps for July 2009 = 5th warmest on record

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Jeff Master’s from Weather underground posted this chart of global temperatures for July 2009.  Jeff explains that July 2009 was the 5th warmest July since global temperature tracking began in 1880.  The period between January and July 2009 is the 6th warmest period on record.  

But what about the cold July in the Midwest U.S.?   See Jeff Masters blog for an explanation.

What is the common thread between the economic, national security and climate crisis?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Here’s what Al Gore had to say at the 2nd annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas:  “The economic crisis, the security crisis and the climate crisis are all intertwined, and the common thread running through them is our absurd and dangerous overdependence on carbon-based fuels … If you grab hold of the thread and pull on it, all three of these crises will unravel, and we’ll hold in our hand the solution to all three of them.  That is to make a transition to a low-carbon economy and put people to work doing it.” (emphasis added)